Green Quarter Fell from High Knott

Green Quarter Fell, from High Knott on the other side of Kentmere

Summit: Two summits are identified in the chapter — Hollow Moor at 1394’ above sea level and a nameless summit at 1370’.

Green Quarter Fell and Skeggles Water

Green Quarter Fell, with Skeggles Water below — taken on walk 93 from the Bannisdale Horseshoe.

Date bagged: 5th September 2014 (walk 87).

Bagged as number: 271 and 272 of the 330. There are 116 summits in volume 8, The Outlying Fells, and as I now have 58 to go, the unnamed summit becomes the halfway point of the volume.  [ << Gummer’s How (270) (273) Knipescar Common >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Wainwright’s chapter describes a walk from Kentmere, but that village is not deemed worthy of a bus service these days. The nearest public transport terminus is Staveley, from where the summit is a 4-mile walk. I then descended into Longsleddale (which doesn’t have a bus service either).

Unnamed summit at 1370'

The ‘cairn’ (three small stones) — and my pack — on top of the unnamed, 1370′ summit. The view of upper Kentmere behind.

What Mr Wainwright says (from p. 15 of volume 8): “Green Quarter Fell is the featureless grassy height overlooking the hamlet of Kentmere to the east, and walkers in the valley invariably turn their backs on it and proceed to the fine surround of hills ahead.… Yet this modest fell, though rarely visited, has one thing the others lack — a perfectly-balanced and lovely view of upper Kentmere, best seen from the path used in descent, that cries aloud for a camera.”

What I say: A good view it certainly is and yes, this is the only real reason to visit the fell, although it is far from being a bad walk. Some of the Outlying Fells are barely worthy of the name but at least there is some altitude here and it is the natural continuation of the ridge that, ultimately, comes down from Harter Fell above Haweswater, so it could easily be added onto a walk in the Kentmere area.

[ << Green Gable     Grey Crag >> ]


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  1. […] planned, but still, walk 87 did get completed, and did bag me two new fells (the two summits in the Green Quarter Fell chapter of volume 8) and two old ones in Kentmere Pike and Shipman Knotts. The weather was good, […]

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