Heughscar Hill from Gowbarrow

View over to Heughscar Hill and the lower reach of Ullswater, from Gowbarrow Fell

Summit: Heughscar Hill is 1231’ above sea level.

Volume: Book 8 (The Outlying Fells)

Date bagged: First visit: 28th June 2014 (walk 84). Second visit: 1st November 2017 (walk 137).

Bagged as number: First round: 261 of the 330. [ << Brant Fell (260)  (262) Dunmallet >> ]. Second round: 123 of 330. [ << Knipescar Common (122)  (124) High Knott >> ]

Joe on Heughscar Hill

Joe tackles the gentle slopes of Heughscar Hill

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended from Moor Divock, having come ultimately (by way of three other summits) from Howtown. Descended to Pooley Bridge.

Second visit: From Moor Divock again, but this time more from the east, the Helton side, having started the day at Bampton. Same descent, to Pooley Bridge.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 216 of volume 8): “Heughscar Hill is the gentlest of eminences…. and commands a fine prospect, including a lovely view of Ullswater with the lofty Helvellyn range forming a majestic background. It is clothed in patches of bracken and a velvet turf on which carpet slippers would be more appropriate than boots, but its greatest joy is the spine of limestone outcropping in rocky pavements along the top.”

Ullswater from Heughscar Hill

The very good view of Ullswater from Heughscar Hill

What I say: AW gives this place a good writeup considering that it is, really, just a slight green hill, but he’s certainly right about the view.  Ullswater is the most beautiful of all the lakes — I would say there is very little doubt about this — and apart from the view from the Brown Hills (see walk 48), this may be the best view of it I’ve seen. The relatively low altitude affects the perspective so it appears as a narrow hook-shaped slash, curving towards the high Helvellyn range in the distance. Excellent architecture, and a pleasant grassy platform to view it from, with nice springy dry turf. Worth a visit; you could be up there in 40 minutes from Pooley Bridge town centre, easily.

[ << Hesk Fell     High Crag >> ]


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