Knipe Scar

Knipe Scar, looking along the ridge

Summit: Just one, Knipe Scar at 1118’ above sea level.

Date bagged: 15th October 2014 (walk 88).

Bagged as number: 273 of 330.  [ << Green Quarter Fell (271-2) (274-280) Naddle Horseshoe >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Came onto the Common from the north, via High Knipe, having walked there from Penrith (about 8 miles). Descended to Scarside, as described in the book, and walked on to Shap.

Knipescar Common summit

The ‘ring’ OS trig point on the summit of Knipescar Common. Note the Blencathra range just visible on the horizon.

What Mr Wainwright says (from p. 220 of volume 8): “The band of limestone along the eastern fringe of Lakeland influences the landscape at several places and is immediately recognisable on sight. Such a place is Knipe Scar, a lofty escarpment bordering the Lowther Castle parkland estates and overlooking the valley…. The mile-long green terrace along the rim of the Scar is a most delightful ramble.”

What I say: I did enjoy the approach to, and the walk along the top of, Knipe Scar. The views toward Mardale and Loadpot Hill are good. . But it did take quite a while to get there, as it is isolated from other Wainwrights, a fact that is going to become all the more cogent when the Shap bus gets cut  (end of October 2014).

[ << Kirk Fell     Knott >> ]


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  1. […] 14 miles or so — but very flat, walk 88 saw me go from Penrith to Shap, via the summit of Knipescar Common, an outlying fell even amongst the outliers, which becomes number 273 of the full list of 330: I […]

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