Orrest Head from Brant fell

Orrest Head, viewed from Brant Fell. Behind it is the valley of Troutbeck, with the Caudale Moor/High Street massif in the background.

Summit: Just the one in the chapter, Orrest Head, which is 763’ above sea level according to the book, though the sign at the bottom of the path notes 764’.

Volume: Book 8 (The Outlying Fells).

Date bagged: First visit: bagged on walk 12, 9/4/10. Second visit on 29th May 2014 (walk 83).

Bagged as number: First round: 38 of 330.  [ << Armboth Fell (37)   (39) Yoke >> ]

Second round:  5 of 330 (the first of the Outlying Fells to be bagged twice). [ << Binsey (4)  (6) Bonscale Pike >> ]

Summit view from Orrest Head

Admiring the view from Orrest Head summit

Route of ascent and descent: Both times I came up the way almost everyone else will, that is, up from Windermere station. Left the other way both times, over the top of the hill to the east, where one can then head north for the high fells (as I did on walk 12) or back south, for the low hills around Windermere town (as I did on walk 83).

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 26 of volume 8): “Orrest Head, for many of us, is ‘where we came in’ — our first ascent in Lakeland, our first sight of mountains in tumultuous array across glittering waters, our awakening to beauty. It is a popular walk, deservedly, for here the promised land is seen in all its glory. It is a fitting finale, too, to a life made happy by fellwandering.”

Another part of the view

Another part of the view from Orrest Head

What I say: In the modern world one cannot fail to notice the operations of hyperbole and marketing. Since the cult of Wainwright really developed (and yes, I know, I contribute in my own way), Orrest Head has become one of the locations that make it tangible, like Innominate Tarn on Haystacks. This is where AW had his ‘love at first sight’ moment with the District in 1930, aged 21, and the rest is history as they say. So is it really worth it?

Well, yes, it’s a very good view, but there are others, just as good, in close proximity (School Knott’s is certainly no worse). However, the effort required to get up there (physically and logistically) is pretty minimal, so it may as well be visited. You won’t be alone, though.

[ << Newton Fell     Outerside >> ]

3 Responses to “Orrest Head”

  1. […] it appropriate that one of the fells bagged today was School Knott, rising above Windermere town. Orrest Head (pictured) and Brant Fell bookended it at each end of walk 83. Have a look at the linked pages for […]

  2. […] as well as these 47 I have also done 9 for the second time, viz, Orrest Head; Binsey; Bonscale Pike; Loadpot Hill; Arthur’s Pike; Kentmere Pike; Shipman Knotts; and, […]

  3. […] renumbered most of the first round fells, to allow for the fact that a few Outliers (such as Orrest Head — pictured) were bagged within the main 214 first time round. All mileage and feet ascended […]

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