Brunt Knott

Brunt Knott, the highest summit of the group, seen from Capplebarrow, across Longsleddale.

Summits: There are four summits in the chapter. Some of the heights have changed since the first edition, these are as they are stated in the second edition: A nameless summit at 1296′; Brunt Knott, 1400′; Another nameless summit at 1280′; and Ulgraves, 1090′.

Volume: Book 8 (The Outlying Fells)

Ulgraves summit cairn

Ulgraves summit cairn, looking south

Date bagged: First visit: 4th June 2013 (walk 71).

Second visit: 12th April 2016 (walk 109).

Bagged as number: First round: 218-221 of the 330. [ << Latrigg (217)  (222) Humphrey Head >> ]

Second round: 35-38 of 330. [ << Hugill Fell (34) (39) Blencathra >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Came up from Staveley via Spring Wood, and bagged the summits in the order given above. Second visit: Did them the other way around, coming onto Ulgraves first via Gurnal Dubs and, in the end, coming off via Brunt Knott farm.

What Mr Wainwright says (p. 9 of Book 8): “…the landscape is colourful and varied, with heather and bracken and mosses competing for ground space amidst grey rocks, but its special joy is a necklace of tarns, eight sheets of water being large enough to be so called, and of these the greatest in extent, Gurnal Dubs, is doubly endowed with an attractive setting and an island of trees.”

Potter Fell, 2nd unnamed summit

Potter Fell’s second unnamed summit (1280′), looking south

What I say: Without being at all exciting Potter Fell is a very pleasant place to while away a few hours. On my first visit,  brilliant weather helped, but there were also things to discover: particularly Gurnal Dubs, which I was quite taken with. The views are good too, ranging far to the south (Blackpool Tower could be seen on the first day I visited) and into the centre of the District, including Scafell Pike. On a second visit with more inclement weather it still generally held the interest, although the stretch between Ulgraves and Brunt Knott is a little dull.

Gurnal Dubs

Gurnal Dubs, on Potter Fell

When I first visited, following the route depicted in the first edition led me into difficulties after the unnamed summit at point 1280′. The map in the second edition has been revised to take the path to the north of the wall which heads north-west from Ulgraves, and this is a much easier route, with gates in all walls needing crossing. But it does not actually attain the summit at point 1280′, which lies on the far side of a wall and fence that were not built to be crossed. In that this summit is still counted as a Wainwright however, I think it is fair to consider it bagged when the top of the nearby wall is reached, unless you really want to be pedantic about it.

[ << Ponsonby Fell     Raise >> ]


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