School Knott and the head of Windermere

School Knott and the head of Windermere, seen from the 806′ summit

Summits: There are three in the chapter: School Knott (760’ above sea level); Grandsire (823’); and a nameless summit at 806’.

Volume: Book Eight (The Outlying Fells).

Date bagged: First visit: 29th May 2014 (walk 83). Second visit: 20th December 2018 (walk 155).

Grandsire summit

The summit of Grandsire.

Bagged as number: First round: 257-259 of the full list of 330 Wainwrights: the order was School Knott, Grandsire, 806; [ << Dunnderdale Fells (256)  (260) Brant Fell >> ]

Second round: 171-173 of 330 (this time, Grandsire, 806′, School Knott). [ << Wansfell (170)  (174) Brant Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Came over from Orrest Head rather than starting at Windermere station, but otherwise the route of ascent was as indicated in the book. After the third summit, however, went west along the Dales Way to Brant Fell and Bowness, rather than returning to Windermere.

Second visit: Came in from Staveley, along the Dales Way, and ascended Grandsire first, from the south. Descended School Knott to the north but then went on to Brant Fell as before.

806' summit rocks

The (unreachable) rocks atop point 806′.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 30 of volume 8): “School Knott is the bare fell rising southeast of Windermere railway station and giving the finest view of the town :a splendid prospect backed by the lake and the mountains around Langdale…. In a fold of the hills behind is, unexpectedly, a tarn, and beyond this is another fell, Grandsire, similar in height but very different in character: a rough little wilderness of heather and bracken and bog, rarely visited yet a most enchanting place to while away a sunny hour.”

What I say: These three hills do a good impression of being taller and more isolated than they are, despite being just outside the biggest conurbation in the District. I would say the walk is worth doing particularly if you do have children or less-fit people in the party who want to get some sense of the region and its benefits. The views are very good. If you want a longer walk, do what I did on walk 155 and come in from Staveley, along the Dales Way.

[ << Scar Crags     Scoat Fell >> ]


2 Responses to “School Knott”

  1. […] holiday at the moment; but that also makes it appropriate that one of the fells bagged today was School Knott, rising above Windermere town. Orrest Head (pictured) and Brant Fell bookended it at each end of […]

  2. […] end up being the last one of the year. But yesterday I did bag four more summits: the three in the School Knott chapter of the Outlying Fells, and then Brant Fell above Bowness. Read all about it and see more […]

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