Stainton Pike
Stainton Pike, from the west

Summits: There are two in the chapter, Stainton Pike itself at 1632’ above sea level and The Knott at 1026’ (not to be confused with the other The Knott or indeed Knott (without the ‘The’).

Summit of the Knott
Summit of the Knott and its view to the Ravenglass estuary and Irish Sea.

However, as with some other chapters in The Outlying Fells (Woodland Fell being a case in point), the arrangement of summits into chapters seems a bit arbitrary here. The Knott is much more logically associated with the Devoke Water circuit, and the walks I have done reflect this, with the two summits having been done separately on both occasions.

Date bagged: First visits: Stainton Pike was bagged on 7th August 2014 (walk 85).

The Knott was reached on 16th September 2015 (walk 101).

Second visit: Stainton Pike was rebagged on walk 159, 23rd February 2019.

The Knott was rebagged on walk 188, 25th April 2021.

Bagged as number: First round: Stainton Pike was 263 of the 330. [ << Dunmallet (262)  (264-267) Whit Fell >> ]

The Knott was 320 of 330 (ten to go!). [ << Devoke Water circuit (part) (317-319)  (321-5) Seat Robert >> ]

Stainton Pike, from Yoadcastle. (Burn Moor is behind.)

Second round: Stainton Pike was 188 of 330. [ << Whit Fell (part) (186-7)  (189-90) Hesk Fell >> ]

The Knott was 275 of 330. [ << Devoke Water circuit (part) (271-274) (276) Bannerdale Crags >> ]

Stainton Pike's summit
Stainton Pike’s summit

Route of ascent and descent: First visits: Stainton Pike: Followed the route of ascent, via Fell Lane, as described on page 153 of Wainwright’s volume 8. This wasn’t a bad climb, and Rowantree Force is definitely worth visiting. But it took a long time to reach it in the first place, and is not helped by paths.Left the summit in a southerly direction, for Whit Fell.

As noted above, with The Knott being more attached to the Devoke Water circuit chapter, that was what I had done (well, half of it anyway) before coming onto the summit from White Pike above. I descended via Stainton Beck, which despite worries about the quality of paths, was quite a decent way down off the fells — however, it does then deposit you on the busy A595 several miles from a railway station and without adequate buses. Road walking is thus an inevitability if you want to come off this way.

Stainton Pike and Holehouse Tarn
Stainton Pike, seen from the back, over Holehouse Tarn

Second visits: Came onto Stainton Pike via the ridge from Whit Fell. Left across the moorland which separates it from Hesk Fell (not as bad a trek as it might have been).

Once again, I came down to The Knott from the fells above, but this time it was from Yoadcastle. Descended to the site of Barnscar, then headed for Devoke Water.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 151 of volume 8): “Stainton Pike, one of the half-dozen well-defined summits on the long ridge extending from the top of the Fell Road in the south to Devoke Water, is a shapely and abrupt peak amongst low crags and boulders, and, with its uninterrupted outlook to the estuary of the Esk and the sea, viewed above a sharp downfall, is a pleasant halting place…

Approaching the Knott
Approaching the Knott from the back. Note the Isle of Man on the horizon.

“The best natural feature is an imposing ravine containing a fine double waterfall appropriately named Rowantree Force, which, being away from beaten tracks and hidden from sight until reached, remains virtually unknown to fellwalkers.”

What I say: This is a decent area — lonely, and without good paths, but with an assortment of rocky and distinctive summits with good views. Rowantree Force is also a good spot. But it does take a long time to get there from a public transport terminus; this is the only real downside. It’s a shame, because the whole region (including also the Devoke Water circuit and Whit Fell) offers some great and rather underestimated walking.

[ << Souther Fell     Starling Dodd >> ]


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