Watch Hill from the east

Watch Hill from the east

Summits: Two are named in the chapter, Watch Hill itself at 770’ above sea level, and Setmurthy Common, which is actually higher, at 833’.

Date bagged: 24th January 2015 (walk 92).

Bagged as number: 287 and 288 of the full Wainwright round of 330. [ << Hesk Fell (285-6)  (289) Clints Crags >>]

Route of ascent and descent: Came up from Cockermouth, or more precisely Cockermouth school on the east edge of town. Came off Setmurthy Common to the east, dropping down into the woods, before going on to Clints Crags.

Sheep on Watch Hill

Sheep on Watch Hill. There have been a lot of sheep in volume 8…

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 202 of volume 8): “The old main road into Cockermouth from the east passes for several miles in the lee of a long low ridge partly under forest and not having much visual appeal. The western part, however, gives a splendid traverse of open upland and fine views. It is easily attained with a minimum of effort: a stroll on grass so simple that boots are incongruous footwear for it and bare feet appropriate.”

What I say: Not only did I have boots, but full winter gear and an ice axe — for reasons explained on the walk 92 page, but which were laughably inappropriate for this stroll up a hill that was rather less steep and difficult than I get used to by simply living in Hebden Bridge.

Which is not to say that Watch Hill was a waste of time — actually I quite liked it.  I bet it would make a superb walk on a sunny evening if staying in Cockermouth.

[ << Wasdale Horseshoe     Watson’s Dodd >> ]


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