Wild red deer

Wild red deer on Seat Robert, October 2015 (walk 102)

Apart from the landscape the Lakes is worth visiting for the rich variety of its flora and fauna. As the pictures on this page show, I have on occasion seen animals which exist virtually nowhere else in England. Wild deer and fell ponies have also been spotted, as well as red squirrels, which are now very rare throughout England.

A wild red squirrel

A wild red squirrel near Binsey Lodge.

The most prevalent animal through the Lakes is the sheep, which will never bother you, but do please remember to keep your dogs under control. Don’t scare sheep if you can help it, particularly in craggy areas as when spooked, they may fall. The memory of having to pretty much climb through the remains of a sheep that had fallen off Scafell does stay with me. I also saw a dead lamb on walk 113 that must have been killed by a dog. Please take this seriously.

Plant life is also very rich, something which is not always a good thing, particularly when the path or route you want is choked by bracken, a plant which seems, when wet, to be  malicious in the way that it soaks your trousers. June and July are the worst times for this. It doesn’t tend to grow above about 1,500 feet.

Heather can also be a bit of a pain when it grows thickly: it’s awkward to walk through and can obscure stones and holes, so tread carefully. However, we can forgive it for the beautiful display it puts on throughout August and early September, covering some fellsides in carpets of purple flowers. (See the picture below.)

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Wild deer, and The Nab

Wild deer pictured in front of The Nab. Taken from Place Fell, back on walk 32, Feb 2011.

Low Fell summit

Summit cairn and heather, Low Fell.

Three sheep

A ewe and her two lambs, in Mosedale


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