Mortal Man pub, Troutbeck

Mortal Man pub, Troutbeck. Ill Bell and Froswick behind.

One advantage of not having to drive away from your walk terminus is that you can there have a pint. Or more than one.

It is unfair to review every single pub I have been in; often I’ve passed through very quickly, with the record probably jointly held by the Howtown Hotel and the Sun Inn, Bassenthwaite, in both of which I probably spent, at most, 90 seconds. Some of the ones I have visited, but which do not appear on this list, may well be very good, but I just haven’t seen enough of them to be sure about an endorsement.

Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel

Outside the HIkers’ Bar (and old bikers’, by the looks of it) at the Old Dungeon Ghyll hotel.

However, I did like the following (not in order of merit):

To the best of my knowledge, all of these pubs also do food, though I should point out that from the pubs on this list I have only eaten in the George (famous for its huge pies); the Horse and Farrier (good, but expensive); the Brook House (very nice food); and the Woolpack.

Of all the pubs I have been in in the heart of the District, only three have disappointed, and you might consider drinking somewhere else other than:

  • The Castle Inn, near Bassenthwaite
  • The Coledale Inn, Braithwaite
  • The Troutbeck Hotel, near the A66 south of Mungrisdale

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