Summit of Niao Zui Shan

Summit of Niao Zui Shan - 1551m = 5088 feet (but before you get too impressed, we got a car to at least 1200m).

…in case you thought I was just putting my feet up during this two month hiatus, here are some pictures of a hike I did today up the mountain of Niao Zui Shan [‘Bird’s Beak Mountain’] in Taiwan. At 1551 metres – or 5088 feet – this is well over half as high again as anything the Lake District has to offer! But we are nearly on the Tropic of Cancer here so instead of windswept bare moors at that height, the climb was done up through forests of bamboo (see picture below) and incredibly lush vegetation.

For more pictures see my Facebook album.

James in bamboo forest

My friend James Brown (who has lived in Taiwan 8 years) in the bamboo forest on the way up Niao Zui Shan

I am in Taiwan for the rest of the week, though from tomorrow the holiday ends and I have to get on with the work I have to do here. On Saturday 7th May I go on to Brisbane, Australia – and fully intend to find some kind of hike to do there, so I will post some photos from that as well should it happen.

Back in the UK on 21st May – probably no more Lake District walks until at least 3rd June however.

View from the summit of Niao Zui Shan

View from the summit of Niao Zui Shan