Descent to Naddle valley

View on the descent to the Naddle valley, after the day’s 7th and last summit

The trip I made on the Shap to Kendal bus at the end of walk 88 might have been my last on it. As of the beginning of November, Shap, a village of over 1,000 people, now has no bus service. This makes chunks of my remaining summits even more inaccessible by public transport than they already were. But I shall not be giving up.

If you want to read a long but hopefully reasoned and (relatively) polite rant about this have a look at the commentary for today’s walk, walk 89. You could, of course, also read this page to hear about the walk I did, which in highly economical fashion bagged me the seven summits in Wainwright’s Naddle Horseshoe chapter. As of today I have therefore doneĀ 280 of the full list of 330 Wainwrights and thus haveĀ 50 to go. Walk 89 depends on the last remaining public transport connection to this whole area, the once-per-week bus from Langwathby to Burnbanks — but for now, it can still be done, as long as you can walk on a Thursday.