The peat hags of the Nab

The peat hags of The Nab. Not great to walk across but a vital upland habitat.

The right-wing coup d’ĂȘtat which seized power after the inconclusive 2010 UK general election put in power a corrupt administration which has only the interests of the richest 1% at heart. Lately it has set about destroying vital – and legally protected – upland habitats for the benefit of the rich landowners. Don’t believe me? Try reading this story on the corrupt administration of ‘Natural England’, the agency supposedly tasked with protecting these habitats – or this one, on the dropping of a prosecution against a landowner who set about burning peat bog. Such activity is illegal – and environmentally disastrous – but the undemocratic administration have actively sanctioned it.

Unforunately we currently live under the most undemocratic, inegalitarian government in post-WWII UK history: I do not exaggerate. By the time we get to the next election, it may be too late. The Liberal Democrats are the real pimps in this transaction, so if you have a LD MP, I urge you to write to them, visit constituency surgeries and generally give them a very hard time. They deserve it, so don’t hold back.