A walk in Norway

September 1, 2013

Summit of Gøysen

Eystein and Henning (my walking companions) on the summit of Gøysen

I’m currently in Norway and this weekend was lucky enough to be able to stay in the district of Telemark with my friend Eystein and his family. There is some very fine walking to be had in the region and if you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it. We did two walks over the weekend but I have just recorded the one on the International Walks section of this site, Saturday’s walk up to the summit of Gøysen in the Skorve mountain district, near the town of Seljord. At 4,500 feet up this is a substantial climb, but well worth doing – particularly on a great sunny day like Saturday was. Read all about it on the Skorve page. Back to the Lake District in a couple of weekend’s time, I hope.