View from Flat Fell

View from Flat Fell. The most distant fell, with the distinctive ‘end’, is Grasmoor.

Well, that’s them all done. Walk 103 saw me bag Flat Fell and Dent, which were my two remaining unbagged fells from the list of 330 Wainwrights. And if you recall why this number is not matched by the title of this blog, that’s because the main 214, which I completed in January 2013 (on walk 70), are added to by the 116 fells in Wainwright’s ‘sequel’, volume 8, The Outlying Fells. It’s these which I have now completed as well.

Runner in Nannycatch

Runner in Nannycatch

Plenty more to be said about this of course, but that’s a job done mostly with the commentary on the walk 103 page. Am I pleased? Of course — it would have been a sickener to have had to abandon the project for some reason. But I’m committed to pushing through with a second round of all the 330. Well, I am not changing anything about the rest of my life for the next few years at least and the Lake District is not going anywhere either. We like each other, I think, so let’s keep it going. There are unlikely to be any more walks until after Christmas, but I’ll pick things up again in January.