Mosedale Beck

Mosedale Beck. The summit is High Wether Howe, one of the 80 I still have to bag, so I will be back in this vicinity yet.

No one is going to accuse the Shap Fells, in the east of the district, of having the same appeal as Langdale, Borrowdale, whatever — but on a relatively nice and sunny day there are still good things to be found thereabouts. Like its immediate predecessor, walk 81 depends on the #106 bus staying running, (it still exists for now) and took me through the lonely valleys of Swindale and Mosedale (pictured), before heading up along the southern side of Wet Sleddale. Fells were bagged from two of Wainwright’s volume 8 chapters, Howes and the Wet Sleddale Horseshoe. Have a look at all those pages if you want to know the details and see more photos.

Sleddale Pike, the final summit reached on the day, becomes number 250 of the project, therefore I have 80 to go. Next walk on 26th April, I hope.