Shoreline below Humphrey Head

The shoreline of Morecambe Bay, below Humphrey Head

Having finished work for my Christmas break I was hoping to get a walk in somehow, but really wasn’t feeling up to a major mountain hike. Hence yesterday’s walk 122, which took me over the low eminences of Hampsfell and Humphrey Head.

The latter is the lowest Wainwright of all, at a mere 172 feet above sea level, but a place worth visiting, being a headland sticking out into Morecambe Bay. Yesterday this was all draped in mist but that gave it a wintry melancholy that was quite different from when I came here three and a half years ago (walk 72), a hot summer’s day. Part of the point of doing this second round is to experience variety with each fell and that was certainly true with these two.


Deer, near Wraysholme crossing: an unexpected nature spot today

I don’t know for sure whether this will be my last walk of 2016 or not; I would say the chances of getting one in between Xmas and New Year are about 50/50 at the moment. Either way it’s been a very good walking year, with 18 walks done, starting with the snowbound walk 105 in January. That was a memorable experience, as were Blencathra, Bowfell (last time), the Mosedale Cottage marathon, to name but a few others. And all recorded on here, for your delectation….  For more on today’s walk see the walk 122 page.

As of today then, I have done 84 of the 330 Wainwrights a second time, thus have 246 to go….