Penultimate walk completed…

November 25, 2012

Horse above Ashness Gill

Horse above Ashness Gill, on the way down from High Seat. Great Gable (I think) in the background.

Despite some uncertainty around the top of Raven Crag, I yesterday managed to bag the last three fells in Wainwright’s volume 3, The Central Fells, and now have only one walk remaining. This will happen in early January 2013. Read about the walk on the walk 69 page – which was, at least, blessed by decent weather, at least for the time of year.

So as of today I have bagged 212 of the 214 Wainwright fells and have 2 to go. I have walked a total of 702.53 miles (breaking the 700-mile barrier just before High Seat summit) and ascended approximately 204,557 feet.


Following two hours’ ceaseless work today I have cross-referenced all the entries on the ‘Destinations’ page in the Walkers’ Guide with the list of walks. So now you can see which walks begin and end in particular places and perhaps use the information to plan a day out.

Incidentally I’m planning to do the penultimate walk tomorrow (Sat 24th Nov).

Sergeant's Crag and Langstrath

Sergeant’s Crag and Langstrath, from Eagle Crag

Is there a name for the one before the one before the last one? Pen-penultimate is it? Anyway, I did walk 68 yesterday (10/11/12) which I will call the pen-penultimate walk – there are now two more expeditions left. The day took me up two great summits, Eagle Crag and (pictured) Sergeant’s Crag, both interesting and excellent climbs. Let’s not talk about the weather, however.

As of today, then, I have bagged 209 of the 214 Wainwright fells, thus have 5 to go! I have walked a total of 694.06 miles and broke the 200,000 feet barrier on the walk, having now ascended an approximate total of 201,812 feet.