Heaphy Track

February 28, 2013

Scotts Beach

Scotts Beach, at the very end of the walk.

The last three days (26-28 February) have seen me tackle and complete the fifty miles (80km) of the Heaphy Track, in Kahurangi National Park, in the far north-west corner of New Zealand’s south island. As you can see from this picture, it is a walk with certain things to commend it.

More details on the Heaphy Track page, as I continue to blog about my international walks. I have very much enjoyed my time in New Zealand but this weekend it comes to an end as I must return to work in Australia on Monday. However, I hope to do at least one and possibly two walks there by Easter, so keep checking back here for more. None for a couple of weeks at least, however – my feet hurt after a 23-mile (37km) day yesterday…

Sawyers Beach, evening

Evening at Sawyers Beach, just by Port William Hut

I didn’t want to finish this blog just because I had got to the end of the 214 Wainwrights. Here’s my first next contribution, if you like: a description of a 2-day walk I’ve just completed on Stewart Island, New Zealand – the Rakiura Track.

This was a good walk, even if the second day was slightly monotonous, being stuck in forest for 15 miles (25 km approx). But the first day was stunning, culminating in the view you see here. This is pretty much how I imagined New Zealand to be.

I have created a new index page for these international walks, I also hope that once I get back to the UK in June I’ll do walks in other areas there and will set up a page for non-Lake District UK walks. So keep coming back….