Raven Crag above Threshthwaite

Raven Crag above the valley of Threshthwaite. Thornthwaite Crag in the background. The golden eagle was spotted fairly near this point.

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day, particularly in the morning: and there haven’t been too many of those. I took the opportunity to get in walk 66 which took me from Hartsop to Ambleside, above the Kirkstone Pass road, bagging Hartsop Dodd and Caudale Moor. These were the last two fells in Wainwright’s volume 2.

I now have four more walks to do to complete the 214. As of today I have bagged 205 of the fells, with 9 to go. I have walked a total of 676.68 miles and ascended approximately 196,767 feet.

The walk was also notable for spotting – and photographing – a golden eagle, one from the only nesting site in England (Riggindale). See the walk page for photographs.

Dead tree in Wet Sleddale

Dead tree, near Green Farm in Wet Sleddale

This summer we grab what good weather we can. Although the blue skies you see in this picture only lasted the morning, it was nonetheless a much more pleasant day than we have had of late and I grabbed the opportunity to complete the only one of my remaining walks that was a particularly long one. Walk 65 saw me on the far eastern side of the district, picking up two fairly obscure fells (Branstree and Selside Pike) on an interesting walk that took me into three valleys, Wet Sleddale (pictured), the incredibly remote Mosedale and the beautiful Swindale, a real discovery.

Three sheep

A ewe and her two lambs, in Mosedale

As of today, then, I have bagged 203 of the 214 Wainwright fells, thus have 11 to go. I have walked a total of 668.81 miles and ascended a total of approximately 194,442 feet.

I have five walks left, which I intend to do at the rate of one a month, in order to finish in January 2013 (just before I leave the country for five months – hence the deadline). If you’ll forgive me I’d like to start to push my sponsorship a bit more. Having been doing this for three years now I would like to try to use my efforts to raise some money for the Mountain Rescue teams in the Lakes and have set up a page on Just Giving by which donations can be made. If you’ve enjoyed this blog and want to encourage me to do these last five walks… please visit and donate, whatever you feel you can. Thank you.