Brunt Knott summit

The summit of Brunt Knott

I couldn’t keep off the sauce for long. Since I got back to the UK last week the weather has steadily improved and I needed to get some walking in while the sun shone — if you’d been here last year, you’d understand.

And, well, Wainwright did write a book Eight: as I have hinted at on this site previously, with the page on The Outlying Fells. There are 116 summits in that volume, in fact, and adding them to the 214 Wainwright gives an ‘expanded’ list of 330 Lake District fells which can be bagged.

I’ve already done three of them in passing. Well, today I went out in the sun and did another 4, on Potter Fell. So let’s call it walk 71 and… well, you can read the rest on that page, can’t you. Welcome back to my obsessions…  ( I need to tidy up the rest of this site as a result of this extension, but give me a few days.)