Grisedale Pike at sunset

Grisedale Pike at sunset, viewed from Keswick

Height:  2593 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 6 (The North Western Fells).

Date climbedFirst visit: 30th May 2010 (walk 15). Second visit: 7th September 2019 (walk 168).

Grisedale Pike, from Hopegill Head

Grisedale Pike, from Hopegill Head

Bagged as numberFirst round: 54 out of 330. [ << Hopegill Head (53)  (55) Pillar >> ]

Second round: 213 of 330. [ << Stickle Pike (part) (211-12)  (214) Whatshaw Common (Wasdale Horseshoe) >> ]

Route of ascent and descent:First visit: Approached on the ridge from Hopegill Head. Descended to Braithwaite.

Second visit: Came up from Thornthwaite, intending to follow the route on Wainwright’s page Grisedale Pike 9, up the north-east ridge. Ended up struggling through Hospital Plantation and, eventually, approaching up the south-east slope of Grisedale and alng Sleet How. Descended the same way as last time, down to Braithwaite.

Summit and Hopegill Head

The summit, with Hopegill Head behind

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “All visitors who come to walk on the hills turn their footsteps in due course to Grisedale Pike. It is seldom a prime objective, being a little out of the way, but the graceful peak piercing the western sky is a nagger of conscience and cannot long be ignored. Nor should it be. Conspicuously in view from the environs of Keswick, it is one of those fells that compels attention by reason of shapeliness and height.”

What I say: This is undeniably an impressive fell and there is an excellent view from the top, as well, which completely merits the full ‘outline’ treatment Wainwright gives only the best panoramas. While you can’t see any of the Far Eastern, and only the tiniest portion of the Western Fells, the rest of the District looks maginificent and one can see all the way to the Pennines and the hills of Galloway.

The Pike above Grisedale

The Pike above the valley for which it is named, Grisedale

On the other hand, it does not excite as much as its next-door neighbour, Hopegill Head, which has more distinctiveness about it and is more fun to climb — the Pike’s final pull up on the main, Braithwaite path is a bit of a trudge. Grisedale Pike has also done its Drew Quotient no favours by a) losing me in the forests of Whinlatter on my second visit and b) both times, having an unremitting descent of the sort I am trying to avoid these days to preserve my knee.  But these are also unnecessarily harsh criticisms as this is clearly a fine peak and one worth the effort.

[ << Grike      Gummer’s How >> ]

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  1. […] fine. I even made the intended bus with ten seconds to spare. So ultimately, no real complaints. Grisedale Pike is a very fine mountain and worth a visit even if it is the only peak bagged on a walk, as it was […]

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