Little Mell Fell and Eden Valley in mist

Little Mell Fell and, beyond, the Eden Valley covered in mist, seen from Sheffield Pike.

Height: 1657 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 2nd July 2012 (walk 58).

Little Mell Fell summit

Little Mell Fell summit: Pennines behind

Second visit: 6th February 2017 (walk 124).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 181 of 330. [ << Great Mell Fell (180)  (182) Gowbarrow Fell >> ]

Second round: 89 of 330. [ << Dunmallet (88)  (90) Great Mell Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Ascended from, and returned to, The Hause. Went on afterwards to Gowbarrow Fell.

Second visit: Came up from the Hause again, although I reached it from the other (Ullswater) side. Descended to the west, where there is a decent path zigzagging down to the vicinity of Foxhill Farm. Though not mentioned in Wainwright, it seems this would make a perfectly decent alternative route of ascent.

Little Mell Fell and Carrock Fell

Little Mell Fell, with Carrock Fell behind. Seen from Loadpot Hill.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 1 of his chapter): “Little Mell Fell barely merits inclusion in this book. It is a fell – its name says so – but it is not the stuff of which true fells are made. It rises on the verge of Lakeland but its characteristics are alien to Lakeland. It stands in isolation, not in the company of others…. There is good in all, however, and its heathery top is a fine place for viewing the (greater) merits of other fells.”

What I say: There really isn’t a lot to Little Mell Fell, it must be said — particularly not on the first visit I made to it, when visited there was no view to be seen, due to low cloud. But there are reasons I’m revisiting fells, and on its second chance I did get the view — and very good it was too. So that is one reason to visit it anyway, but don’t go on a day of poor visibility

[ << Little Hart Crag      Loadpot Hill >> ]

2 Responses to “Little Mell Fell”

  1. […] and finish fairly early. It took me from Pooley Bridge at the foot of Ullswater, over Dunmallet, Little Mell Fell and Great Mell Fell: not particularly exciting walking, but what I needed, and the views were […]

  2. Did this walk myself just before Christmas and agree it’s not one for poor visibility. If you are going, try to go on a nice day, otherwise there’s not much to it!

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