Survey post, Tarn Crag

The survey post near the summit of Tarn Crag

Height: 2176 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 12th March 2012 (walk 53). Second visit: 7th September 2016 (walk 117).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 164 of 330. [ << Barf (163)   (165) Grey Crag >> ].

Second round: 69 of 330. [ << Grey Crag (68)  (70-71) Howes >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended from Sadgill: having had to walk there from Staveley, which is about 4½ miles. Left via the ridge to Grey Crag.

Tarn Crag from Kentmere Pike

Tarn Crag, viewed from Kentmere Pike. The survey post is just visible.

Second visit: Came in from Grey Crag. Descended to the Mosedale-Longsleddale bridleway, then on to Mosedale Cottage.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 5 of his chapter): “Not until Manchester Corporation’s enginneers climbed Tarn Crag in the course of their duty [the construction of Haweswater] and departed from it for the last time did its summit acquire distinction: the wide dreary top then found itself left with a curious structure – a high wooden platform with a core of stone and concrete, which served for a time as a survey post during the construction of the Longsleddale tunnel, conveying the Haweswater aqueduct south. Now, eighty years later, the aqueduct is in place and the scars are gone from the valley – but the hoary survey post still stands, defying the weather and puzzling the few travellers who come this way and find no clue as to its purpose.”

Greycrag Tarn and Tarn Crag

Greycrag Tarn (so named, but no water is in sight) — and behind it, Tarn Crag

What I say: It never helps to go up a fell on a cloudy day, especially when the view is clearly (from the pages of Wainwright, anyway) the best thing about it. That was my first visit: but let’s at least give it credit for this strange, felltop structure, the like of which I have yet to see on any of the other fells so far climbed. The second visit saw better weather, but there still wasn’t a huge amount to the fell, though the view was good. Probably worth a visit however.

Note: There is another Tarn Crag, in the Central Fells, named for Easdale Tarn. I assume the Tarn Crag covered on this page is named for Greycrag Tarn below: except that isn’t a tarn, it’s a marsh, so this fell seems rather inappropriately named.

[ << Tarn Crag (Easdale)       Thornthwaite Crag >> ]


2 Responses to “Tarn Crag (Longsleddale)”

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