Black Combe: great views, bad transportation

October 12, 2013

Cartmel Sands

Cartmel Sands, near Ulverston, pictured from the train this morning

It is just as well that the Cumbrian coast line has brilliant views for its whole length: particularly between Carnforth and Millom. (The picture on the right was taken from the train on Ulverston this morning). It takes a very long time to get round it, so it’s good that there are things to see.

My trip yesterday (Friday 11th October) saw me spend nine hours on a train for a walk of under four hours: walk 74 of this project, up the isolated hill of Black Combe. Descriptions of the walk and the summit are on those pages as linked.

Duddon estuary

View of the Duddon estuary, with friendly sheep. Millom is in the middle distance, below, Barrow on the peninsula behind.

But the day was also noticeable for the lousy journey. I don’t even have to get annoyed by the train that got me into Preston this morning half an hour late, because I still made the next connection (though would not have, if I’d been going to Windermere, say). But the train companies got me home two hours later than they needed to. I know this is supposed to be a blog promoting the use of public transport but sometimes they do a brilliant job of showing just where priorities lie. Anyway… it’s all on the walk 74 and Black Combe pages. Enjoy — and I am also very proud of the photographs on this one. See what you think.

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